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Employee Info Starter Kit is an open source project that provides ASP.NET project templates that are intended to address different types of real world challenges faced by web application developers when performing common data operations (a.k.a CRUD).

Using a single entity ‘Employee’, it illustrates how to utilize most of the greatest and successful platforms, frameworks and technologies,  to enable web developers to learn and build manageable and high performance web applications with rich user experience effectively and quickly.

Since its first release, this open source project gained a huge popularity in the developer community and had 200K+ combined downloads. This starter kit is honored to be placed at the official ASP.NET site, along with other starter kits, which all are being considered as the “best” ASP.NET coding standards, recommended by Microsoft. EISK is showcased in Microsoft’s Channel 9’s Weekly Show, as well.

Check out an online demo or the EISK All-In-One page to see all EISK releases together.

As a fan of Employee Info Starter Kit, you can be a proud participant of EISK Community, as one of the following ways.


Be recognized as an EISK Geek in the EISK “Hall of Fame” section, by contributing a code improvement patch on a particular EISK version or edition, or by writing relevant blog posts, articles, answering stackoverflow questions  (with EISK reference) and  just let us know about your contributions!

EISK Powered Training

EISK is designed to learn latest and best technologies in quickest way, with proper documentation materials (of course for free). Academic institutes are most welcomed for being benefitted from EISK to provide best technical training and letting us know your stories will also place your organization on our community site, enabling more individuals and corporates to be interested on your training!

EISK Powered App

If you build your web application using EISK, just let us know, your web site will be proudly showcased in EISK community site. You are not required to place “Powered by EISK” link on your site, neither make your source open. However if you do so, you would be greatly appreciated!

EISK Developer

Be a proud developer of EISK by contributing in one of the following categories. Your approved contributions will be available for download from EISK site. Besides showing your great work to the world, your profile will also be showcased in the “Hall of Fame” section of EISK Community site. All you need is to be comfortable with core concept of EISK, work on your respective idea and upload it to EISK codeplex site!

EISK Add-on Developer

You can write simple add-on to make EISK better. For instance, you can create a new UI theme that is compatible with one or more EISK versions, or can create just a “View” add-on for a specific mobile device (for EISK MVC editions etc) . Having some instruction documents (may be provided by you, too), users will be able to integrate and enjoy your add-on!

EISK Domain App Developer

OK, you need to build an application on a particular business domain (for instance educational institute, manufacturing company etc) and want to build it on top of one of EISK versions, this is a great way to share your technical and domain expertise to the world! Build it and upload it, that’s all!

EISK Technical Edition Developer

EISK have different versions and editions based on different architecture and technology stack. You may want to write a new version or edition on a technology or architecture, where you are most comfortable (for instance Android or Windows smart phone client, IRonRuby, IronPython, or WPF) and that is not developed yet. Sounds challenging? Go ahead and build a new version of EISK to share and show your strength!

Cheers to the spirit - of the community, by the community, for the community!

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