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Hands on Coding Walkthrough



Now that you’ve the F5 experience with EISK, that shows you the landing page, you’ve the privilege to explore all cool features available here. EISK is intended to provide a way of quick learning to show how we can utilize latest technologies (Visual Studio, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework etc) to build some frequently used web application features, such as viewing, editing of an entity.

After you’re done exploring EISK features, get back to the EISK project in Visual Studio that you lunched. Go through the codes. Having some basic knowledge in ASP.NET MVC & C# will enable you to understand most of the codes.

If you have any questions about how any specific features in implemented, post your queries in the eisk discussion forum.


Once you gain enough understanding about how the C# and ASP.NET MVC have been utilized effectively, you’ll want to build your own. Go ahead, start with a sample entity (for instance Customer) with some sample fields, follow the similar coding conventions in EISK and within a short while you’ll start enjoying your code containing latest technologies and coding best practices. Developing your first entity CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) sample will give you more confidence to handle real world programming challenges.



Yes! You know how to customize EISK to include your own data and business logic! Now you can utilize this knowledge to build real life web application with best coding practices.

EISK can be used in fresh new projects (Green field) projects or existing projects (Brown field).

On a Green Field project, keep the sample “Employee” entity and all other relevant classes and resources, which will allow you to develop new entities based on your software requirements with example coding sample. You can mark “Employee” and it’s relevant classes as obsolete using .NET Obsolete attribute. This will allow your C# compiler to have warning message in Visual Studio Error List window, thus you can remove sample codes over time, as your production code get matured.



For a Brown field project, pick any coding sample from EISK and utilize on your project.


Release Home - Getting Started - Hands on Coding Walkthrough – Technology Stack - Design & Architecture

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