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A simple version for newbies

May 3, 2012 at 5:46 PM


Thank you for sharing such a great website and code EISK.

However, I am struggling to understand some concepts. Would it be possible to provide a simpler version... or some description how it is done.

I am particularly struggling to understand:

From the Gridview, when selecting a row, how it is generating detail page dynamically? I can see something called - "Page.GetRouteUrl" is used. How it is implemented? What is RouteKey ? Would it be possible to explain this?

I don't understand some of the files like "Eisk.Web.csproj", "Global.asax".... looks they are all involved generating this display page with EmployeeId.

A video would have been very useful, but if that is not possible, can you explain the steps how to display single record in detail in another page?

Many thanks in advance.

// Troy